Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 1-14

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FabricationLife brings you another strong installment of Tig’d Up Tuesday! This Tuesday, the submissions were plentiful. Keep the submissions coming. Some days we will post more than others, but keep submitting. We may use yours on a future installment of Tig’d Up!

Here is this weeks Review!

Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Jared Lewis aka WeldPipe

“Monel 400 butt weld ErNiCu-7 filler”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission –¬†Brown Dog Welding

“a self portrait¬†



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Richard James Garratt

“single bevel full pen 6mm fillet 312 st/st 1.6 316h filler miller syncro 375 customer AG chemicals uk”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Joe DiFonzo

“Dropping dimes on down pipe flanges”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission -Bert P.

“Razor blade harmony.”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Cory Dean Fletcher





Thank you again to everyone who submitted!

This week coming, we will be featuring over 12 submissions! So get yours in! Fabricationlife.com