PumpKing strikes. This Nitrous fed Supercharged Z06 is serious!

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The fastest Corvette in the TX2K14 roll race. Introduction to the “H8RMKR“.


Ever look around and say there are too many Corvette’s? Neither have we. But you would have possibly had the notion at a few gatherings around Houston during TX2k14 just recently, where it felt like you were at a fire sale of Lamborghini’s, GTR’s and especially Corvette’s! At this event and in this crowd you will not find too many in the pack under 800hp, and even then that can be power that does not stack well against a list of heavy contenders boasting well over 1200hp. George Crawford’s Z06 PumpKing from SeriousHP was a menace for the Corvette Chevy LSX crowd. George’s Vette makes 1166whp on boost alone. That says the car is no slouch by any means and the nitrous just ups the ante. To be specific, on the juice the car makes just over 1400whp which is plenty for anything looking to terrorize the streets! Thank god for e85.

Mods list is as follows:

  • Forged 408 Iron block LQ4
  • Callie’s forged rotating assembly
  • Diamond pistons
  • LME ported the stock ls3 heads with stainless valves worked by Craig at GTP
  • ARP’s 625 series headstuds
  • John Bewly spec’d camshafts
  • LS7 lifters
  • Comp cams 3/8 pushrods
  • Comp Trunion ls3 rockers
  • Procharger F1-X at 23psi
  • 8 rib A&A billet drive system
  • Nitrous Express 2 stage fogger system
  • E85 through an Aeromotive Eliminator c6 pump
  • (x2) Bosch 044 pumps
  • Hobbs pressure switch
  • Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors
  • CenterForce twin disc clutch and
  • Billet built tr6060 6spd Trans
  • QA1 suspension on the stock c6 IRS leaf spring
  • LG Billet spindles
  • Mark Carlyle’s autographed 15×10 Billet Specialties wheels
  • Mickey Thompson x275 Pro DOT 275/60/15 tire (Drag mode)
  • 360Forged GT Split 9 wheels (Cruise mode)



This one Orange C6 z06 stood out from the rest. Maybe it was statement that the 275/60/15 Mickey’s make when you see them, that aggressive and beefy rear tire out on the back of this C6. Or maybe it was some random dude in a hoodie with a torch heating a stack of Nitrous bottles in the back, placed on a rack on the rear deck cover, prepping for one extremely fun evening. Soon after we were introduced to the propane-wielding hooded mechanic; Zach Park.


Zach is the co-builder, night race tech, and also a huge source of information for us to help assemble this article. SeriousHP and PumpKing were plastered all over everyones photos and videos with the side logo showing off the SHP1500.



Sadly, one of the parties involved was hit by a drunk driver and passed away just days before TX142k festivities began.

We finished the car and raced it this past weekend at TX2K14 in memory of our close friend Omar Jaramillo who passed away tragically a week before TX2K14.



To recap, the Z06 which is notoriously known as PumpKing, started out as a competitor in the weeks roll race events:

The evening activities with this car were the fun though. There were numerous kills around the Houston area with this car. We know that it was a hit with the Corvette ALL crowd, and thanks to our friends at High Tech Corvette we got the chance to see more action with this car in the roll race. As you can see, it kept strong with some heavy contenders. That F1-x had the rear end getting silly at the drivers will with just a tap to the pedal.


Later on in the evening, around the city, there were gatherings. This spot, we ended up with George’s Corvette and a host of others. A few people needed a snack needed a snack.


1911670_10151997470520267_1001494554_n 1962593_10151997470430267_1962829775_n

A little heat up for extra bottles. This car was happy all week! That lq4/Ls3 hybrid block held together like a champ shot after shot, while under load from a massive Procharger. The F1-x on the car, along with all of the nitrous made sure this was one of the fastest Corvettes at TX2k14 period. George made a statement for sure that the Corvette is far from being out of the cards as a heavy hitter at TX2K.



Then, this happened and the sun set for PumpKing’s week long assault: (warning, language NSFW)

This car will getting even more modification in its downtime. We will bring you updates on Fabricationlife.com when available. Until next year, we leave you with a few more photos! See you at TX2K15….


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