Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 12-31

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The 1st Fabrication Life Tig’d Up Tuesday review of 2014 is a good one! This week we had tons of submissions and quite a few posted. As always, we ask you to review through these and tell us your favorites, as well as generously share the post. We want to keep this coming to you and have some exclusive features also coming from Fabrication Life starting this week as well.


Let’s Go!



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Alex G

“Waste Gate flange from a Mustang turbo manifold.”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Will Papatolevski

“A couple of Catless o2 housings for the 2013 Genesis Coupe fresh off the press using Vibrant components for Tig’d up tuesday. Auto Select Tuning INC



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Jeremy Anderson 

“Some little work.”



Tig’ Up Tuesday – Nick Primero

“Some collector welds from myself making a Turbo manifold at Synapse Motorsport.”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Garrett Bulley

“2in as pipe to steel flange, 309L 1/16 rod, 3/16 weld”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Brad Harmer

“Some Christmas Eve pie for all of you to share from Powerhouse Racing titanium water pipe for Supra/2jz”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Liran Siso ArgoNetic

“BMW X-pipe by Argonetics – Performance Fabrications”



Tig’d Up Tuesday submission – Collin M.

“ToxicFab Billet merge collector on the new Evo Forward Facing V band manifold, sch40, 1/16 filler, fully back purged, etc.”



Like we said before, we are starting to post exclusive features in the upcoming weeks, as well as debut the FabricationLife.com store. Would you like to help? You can by staying tuned in to updates, tell your friends and networks by sharing, and submitting more work. Are you working on a project? Contact us through the contact tab on FabricationLife.com or through the Facebook fan page messages.