Tig’d Up Tuesday Review 12-10

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Tig’d Up Tuesday on the Fabrication Life Facebook fan page was great this week in terms of submissions! You would think 10-15 submissions would have been posted but we were just a bit busy! Thank you again to everyone who posted. 

This week, we will show off a few of the submissions which did not get posted along with the posted material:


Niels Hattas

“TI-exhaust system for KTM/Nelson Welding” (Bike was built by Maarten Janssens)


Zander G.

“Thin walled stainless, with filler, no pulse, all dipping.”



Brad Harmer

“A Powerhouse Racing MKIV Supra street torque downpipe in the works! Thinwall stainless <40 amps steady with .030 rod back purged around 12cfm”



Richard James Garratt

“Dime Work”



Now here are some of the ones who we did not post, but had sitting! 

Brandon Kalcsics

“Stainless weave on carbon steel at 100amps, and no pulse dab on stainless hinge at 75amps.”




Darryll Euler

“Swim platform welds”

1492771_712103845474153_1683795756_n (1)


Hank Iroz

“Schedule 10 1.5″ 1-5 collectors at 18 degree merge angles. Back row is purged root, middle is needed second pass to fill in undercut required for full penetration, front row is cap. No pulse other than with foot.”



Toby Centek

“3” 6061 Pipe”



Dakota Gray

“Its what we call stainless splash base. It hold a mechanical arms that lower disabled ppl in and out of pools.”




Jay Thornton/ Vibrant Performance

” making some turbo manifolds. All 321 SS”

Next week stay tuned for more Tig’d Up Tuesday! Also, make sure you tell your friends and colleagues to submit!